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Versele-Laga Complete Cuni Carrot & Timothy 500g


Extruded food for rabbits from Versele-Laga, with long, unground fibres, high-fibre and low starch content and no cereal grains.

Cuni Complete is a healthy, balanced food, especially adapted to the needs of rabbits. Each piece contains the same mixture of ingredients, making selective feeding impossible. Cuni Complete Rabbit Food contains no grains and is low in starch. A special manufacturing process makes the kibble digestible and ensures excellence taste.

The long fibres in the kibble ensure natural, healthy abrasion of teeth and healthy digestion. In addition to herbs, carrots and various grasses contains Cuni Complete Adult tasty Timothy Hay.

Cuni Complete at a glance:

Dental Care
Long fibres with a high silicate proportion in the Cuni Complete pellets ensure maximum chewing activity and natural abrasion of teeth.

Fresh Vegetables
The extrusion process allows fresh vegetables to be added to the kibble. The inclusion of at least 10% fresh vegetables ensures delicious taste and provision of many necessary vitamins.

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