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Carefresh Confetti Premium Pet Bedding 10 Litre


CareFresh Confetti Small Animal Bedding is the original first pet bedding made from reclaimed cellulose. All small animals will love this cosy bedding, especially as is doesn’t clump or matt down.

Carefresh Confetti Small Pet Bedding provides a cheerfully colourful, happy and at the same time comfortable atmosphere in the environment of your animal companion. The bedding has been specially created to be absorbent, and odour controlling, providing long lasting freshness. Resulting in less changes for you! CareFresh is even eco-friendly as it is biodegradable and can be composted and the colours are non-toxic, making it safe for your little furry friend! This bedding is perfect as a nursery substrate, keeping your small animals warmer, drier and cleaner than most traditional nesting materials!

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