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Burgess Group Plc Burgess Excel Adult Rabbit Nuggets With Mint 10kg


Excel Rabbit Adult Is A Complementary Pet Food For Rabbits, And When Fed Alongside A Good Quality Fibre, Such As Hay Or Grass, Provides A Complete Healthy Diet For Your Rabbit.
Rabbits are Fibrevores and require a blend of the two key fibres in order to maintain a healthy digestive system:

Digestible Fibre – the essential source of nutrients to keep your rabbit happy and healthy;
Indigestible Fibre – helps keeps the digestive system moving and aids to grind down teeth.

The correct ratio of these two types of fibre called Beneficial Fibre is vital for:

Digestive Health – ensures the digestive system is healthy and working;
Dental Health – keeps teeth worn down at right size and shape;
Emotional Health – encourages natural behaviour, prevents boredom and helps bonding.

Burgess Excel Tasty Nuggets for Adult Rabbits is blended into a tasty nugget, nugget foods help prevent selective feeding by removing the ability for your rabbit to only eat the parts of a traditional muesli mix it likes, ensure it receives the full benefit of its feed.

Your rabbit’s diet should be supplemented with additional roughage, which can be provided through feeding hay.

This not only aids your rabbit’s digestion, but the gnawing action will also help to keep its teeth trim and healthy.

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