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Parrot Perch Tent – Medium


Pet birds and Parrots are prey animals and it is in their nature to be wary of things, people, pets etc. In the wild birds can retreat high into trees and hide in the foliage.

Providing a hideaway such as this Parrot Perch Tent – Medium is a fantastic way to ensure your bird has somewhere to retreat to, to feel safe and secure whenever they feel the need. The open design makes it easy for your bird to get in and out, and the perch is a much more natural way for your bird to stand.

The fleece fabric is warm and fuzzy and snuggling up against it is sure to keep your Parrot warm.

Knotted leather hangs from one side and poly rope with beads and bell from the other so your bird has some fun materials to enjoy whilst keeping warm and feeling safe.
ideal for :
– Caique
– Cockatiel
– Conure – Small
– Meyers and Senegals
– Quaker

Please remember this information is for size guidance only – you know your bird best!

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