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Wooden Twirler Perch Spinning Parrot Toy


The Wooden Twirler Perch Spinning Parrot Toy is designed to fit most Parrot cages, and is designed around a natural wooden perch, which exercises your bird’s feet.

The colourful wooden spinning toy at the end promotes a full body work out and mental stimulation, providing some of the essentials for a healthy companion.
Length 35cm (13.75″)
Width 20cm (8″)
Diameter of Perch 4-7cm (1.5 – 3″)
Natural & Coloured Wood, Metal.
Suitable for
-African Grey
– Amazon
– Cockatoo
– Conure – Large
– Eclectus
– Macaw – Large
– Macaw – Small

Please remember this information is for size guidance only – you know your bird best!

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