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VE Viva+ Terrestial Vivarium Med Black


The Medium Vivexotic Terrestrial Vivarium is a great vivarium for many species of small or medium-sized reptiles. It’s perfect for corn snakes, milk snakes, kingsnakes, leopard geckos and even baby tortoises.

Easy Cable Management
A new innovative feature, ?EasyVent?, allows simple and easy cable management. The design allows plugs to be passed effortlessly through the vent with small indentations to allow the cable to sit in place. The EasyVent system makes changing electrical equipment a piece of cake, as there is no need to remove the vivarium lid, disassemble viv stacks or re-wire plugs.
Redesigned to provide a safer environment, Viva+ vivariums feature unique ‘Front Flow’ ventilation which is far more efficient than traditional rear ventilation. The Front Flow system allows cool air to enter at the base and warm air to exit through the top creating superb airflow and preventing overheating. The additional EasyVents now also supply even more ventilation. See how effective Front Flow is for yourself, click here to watch the video.

Safe and Secure
All Viva+ glass sliding doors are pre-drilled and come with a plastic ?Slidestopper? door plug to prevent escapes. A custom designed metal lock is available separately if required.

The vivarium height (66mm taller than before) provides more space for lighting fixtures, leaving more living space for your reptile.

EasyVent cable tidy in the back of the vivariums
Effective Front Flow ventilation incorporated into the full length of front aluminium door rails.
Sliding glass doors with ?Slidestopper? to prevent escapes.
Taller rail to give more space for substrate.
High quality construction with toughened safety glass.
Cabinet (available separately) with modern silver handles and now with soft close technology.
Excellent storage space for all your reptile supplies and accessories.
Available in 4 sizes with a choice of 3 modern finishes to suit your decor.

Dimensions (mm): Width 862, Depth 490, Height 500.

Matching cabinet available separately,

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