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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Stress Coat for Fish (16- oz bottle)


Stress Coat is tap water conditioner from leading manufacturers API.

This conditioner removes chlorine, chloramines and ammonia from tap water, these elements are toxic to fish and can cause stress, making fish susceptible to disease.

Stress Coat is unique in that it is the only fresh water conditioner which contains Aloe Vera. This assists in healing damaged tissue, promotes the regrowth of tissue, removes stress and also promotes slime coat.

API conduct a lot of research into the effects of their products, and their studies have found that this treatment reduces fish stress by 40%. Therefore it’s ideal to use when setting up a new aquarium, adding more fish, or when performing water changes.

Dosage Instructions:

To simply treat mains water, add 5ml of Stress Coat for every 10 gallons/45 litres of aquarium water.

To replace slime coat and treat damaged skin and fins, add 10ml of Stress Coat to 10 gallons/45 litres of aquarium water.

Benefits of Stress Coat:

Removes chlorine, chloramines and ammonia
Can be used with a protein skimmer, will not cause foaming
Ideal for use when handling fish
Safe to use in reef tanks
Great to use when not pre-filtering water

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