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Gorpets Cat Spiral


Carefully designed to encourage essential exercise and stimulation through play, the Gor Pets Cat Spiral fulfils your cat?s natural instinct to paw, chase, bat and catch, and is perfect for solo active play to encourage positive behaviour.

Made with high quality materials to ensure lasting use and guaranteed fun, the Gor Pets Cat Spiral features a super spiral spring enabling movement when attacked. This engages your cat in play, enticing them to attack the toy with their paws and teeth like they would in the wild hunting their prey. The top of the spiral features a soft ball covered in soft white faux fur to represent ?food? they would hunt in the wild, with the toy wobbling from side to side, up and down unpredictably.

A great toy to prevent boredom and destructive behaviour, the Gor Pets Cat Spiral is suitable for use anywhere in the home, featuring soft and fluffy fabrics for a more realistic and natural design, encouraging your cat?s natural instinct and ensuring active play and essential exercise to help keep them fit, healthy and happy.

Made with high quality fabrics and materials for lasting use and a realistic feel
Helps prevent boredom and destructive behaviour, keeping your cat engaged in play
Encourages active play for essential exercise
With a super spiral spring that moves in all different directions, enhancing play
Suitable for cats of all sizes

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