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Royal Canin Hairball Care Gravy Pouch Cat Food Wet Pouch 85g


Royal Canin Hairball Care in Gravy is a high-quality complete food for adult cats. This premium wet food features the special Hairball Care Formula containing nutrients that stimulate the gut, supporting the expulsion of swallowed hair. It has been developed to perfectly meet the nutritional needs of adult cats, meaning that it can help your cat to maintain its ideal weight.

These pouches contain delicate chunks in gravy that are not only delicious, but also provide your cat with an optimum balance of important nutrients.

Royal Canin Hairball Care in Gravy at a glance:

High-quality complete wet food for adult cats
Supports the expulsion of swallowed hair: stimulates the intestinal passage
Helps your cat to maintain a healthy digestive system: thanks to a higher digestibility
Contains an optimal combination of the nutrients that cats instinctively prefer
Delicate chunks in hearty gravy
Helps your cat to maintain an ideal weight
Easy to portion in a handy fresh pouch

Royal Canin wet cat food offers balanced and complete care for your cat:

Essential fatty acids: supply valuable energy, support your cat’s natural defences and can promote a glossy coat
Plenty of vitamins: have an antioxidant effect, help to strengthen the immune system and support the metabolism
Minerals: can have a positive effect on your cat’s metabolism and promote a healthy coat and bone structure
Dietary fibre: promotes a balanced gut flora and healthy digestion
Proteins: for the optimal development of your cat’s organs, muscles and connective tissue
High digestibility: careful selection of raw ingredients ensures a protein digestibility of at least 90%

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