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Royal Canin Cat Instinctive +7 Pouch 85g


Royan Canin maintain that a cat’s diet should take into account all parameters of life, such as age, breed, life style, physiology and individual circumstances. The health-diet Royal Canin Oral Mature cat food is based on Royal Canin’s commitment to the highest quality and includes the Macro Nutrient Profile instinctively preferred by older cats (from 7 years).
Royal Canin Oral Mature cat food provides a specially adapted formula for older cats from 7 years old and counteracts the first signs of age.

With growing age, cats become more sensitive about their choice of food. An increased sensitivity in teeth and gums and a lessening sense of smell can lead to declining appetite. Royal Canin Oral Mature has a very soft texture which is easy to chew by older cats with sensitive teeth and gums.
The specific Macro Nutrient Profile of older cats leads to instinctive and long-term acceptance. However healthy the diet, if the cat won’t eat it, it’s not much good!
Older cats have limited kidney function. Royal Canin Oral Mature supports good kidney function in older cats by containing a moderate phosphorus content.
Joints of older cats grow increasingly sensitive and mobility decreases. Royal Canin Oral Mature promotes mobility by maintaining joint health with supplements of glucosamine and chondroitin.
The health-diet of Royal Canin Oral Mature cat food provides all necessary nutrients for optimal health and vitality.
Royal Canin Oral Mature wet food is juicy, especially soft chunks in tasty gravy. The portioned freshness pouches maintain the full flavour of the food and protect the high quality of its nutrients. At the same time they are easy to open.
The instinctive preference ? the Macro Nutrient Profile: the new health-diet with Macro Nutrient Profile is a formula adapted to the life phase and individual features of cats. The Macro Nutrient Profile describes the distribution of nutrients which provide energy. It signifies optimal proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for long-term acceptance. The specific Nutrient Profile of cats varies with age, but also with physiological status (e.g. pregnancy, lactation).
Cats have the ability to recognise and prefer the food that most closely matches their individual Nutrient Profile. Combined with the know-how of Royal Canin the Macro Nutrient Profile concept guarantees exceptional, long-term acceptance of the food. Cats just don’t get fed up with the Feline Health Nutrition products of Royal Canin! It is therefore not even necessary to change flavours from meal to meal, especially since taste is only a very small part of cats’ food choice.

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