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Hand Tame Quaker Blue


The Average Lifespan Of Quakers Is Typically Between 20 ? 30 Years, However, Some Have Been Known To Live Even Longer.

Quakers Are Omnivores, These Are Animals That Prefer A Diet Of Plants And Other Animals. Quaker Parrots In The Wild Will Eat A Diet Of Fruits, Leaves, Seeds, And Insects. A Quaker Parrot In Captivity Has A Slightly Different Diet, However, It Still Needs A Variety Of Different Food.

Quaker Parrots Only Grow To About 12 Inches, Making Them A Relatively Small Companion Compared To Other Birds. They Do Need A Large Cage And The Ability To Fly Around Outside Of The Enclosure, However, Their Size Makes Them Easy To Control In An Indoor Living Environment.

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