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Penguin Finch


Mutation Effects
Inheritance: Recessive

Male: The Penguin Mutation Suppresses All Gray And Black Pigments (eumelanin) On The Lower Portion Of The Bird, Including The Breast And Cheeks. The Orange Cheek Patches And Flanks Are Still Present, But The Breast Bar And Tear Marks Are Absent. Penguins Will Have A Frosted A Frosted Appearance To The Back Of The Wings And The Tail Shows Some Dilution And Frosting As Well. The Belly Will Be A Clean White Even In Combination With Fawn.

Female: Like The Male, The Gray Pigments Are Removed From The Lower Portion, Breast And Cheek Patch Area. The Back And Tail Is Frosted Like The Male.
Finch Size: Small 8-10cm

Finch Life Span:4-8 Years

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