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Parrot Perch Tent – Small


Fitting a Parrot Perch Tent – Small into your bird’s cage provides both a place for your bird to keep warm and somewhere for a bit of privacy.

The warm fuzzy fleece fabric is perfect for snuggling up to when it is cold. Plus, your bird is sure to appreciate a place where they can retreat to, out of view if they feel it necessary. There must be nothing worse (as a prey animal) than having nowhere to hide when you are a little frightened or nervous.

When your bird is feeling more active, knotted leather and poly rope with beads and bell have been attached on either side, hanging down for them to play with.

The fleece fabric is easy to clean, and the open style bottom means this hideaway has no base to clean. It also makes accessing the perch a lot easier for your bird.
Suitable for – Budgie
– Canary and Finch
– Conure – Small
– Lovebird

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