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Ancient Ruins Roman Square Columns 195mm


The renowned Classic Aquatics range of Polyresin aquarium ornaments is unsurpassed in terms of intricate attention to detail, colour, variety and choice.
Each ornament is hand made and hand painted (using non-toxic paints), and this range has evolved over the last 20 years to become the universally recognised market-leader.
This Classic Roman Square with Ruined Columns ornament is finished with soft planting to help create a wonderful dramatic effect within the aquarium.
The open shape of the ornament helps provide interest and a stimulating environment for your fish.
Ideal as a stand alone piece in a heavily planted smaller aquarium or as part of a larger aquatic scene – look out for our other Ancient Ruins to help build a whole drowned cityscape.

Overall size L 195mm x W 150mm x H 130mm.

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