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Vitapol Stick Mix For Rodent And Rabbits


The perfect complimentary treat for rodents and rabbits, the Vitapol Honey Smakers Stick is a tasty, nutritious treat sticks made 80% by hand with love and care, great for feeding alongside your small pets daily diet.

Made using a unique drying process at temperatures under 65?C for several hours, Vitapol Honey Smakers Stick preserves more vitamins and minerals that are often disintegrated when using other drying methods such as baking commonly used for treat sticks such as these. They contain high quality ingredients including delicious bee pollen, extremely nutritional and a favourite delicacy with small pets. Bee pollen is characterised by healing properties and strengthening the body?s immunity, for a tasty yet nutritional ingredient making this an ideal treat for rodents and rabbits.

Enriched with vitamins and minerals for health and vitality
Unique drying process to preserve vitamins and minerals
Made with high quality ingredients
The right hardness cares for the regular abrasion of small pets
Perfect for daily feeding
Suitable for rodents and rabbits
Individually wrapped single sticks to retain freshness

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