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Fat Tail Gerbil (Pairs)


General Housing For Duprasi As Pets Should 24 – 30 Inch Glass Tank. This Can Then Be Fully Furnished And Include Several Cardboard Tubes Or Empty Glass Jars To Simulate Burrows And Nest Chamber. Carpet Roll Tubes Are Very Useful, But Have To Be Sawed Into Convenient Lengths But Are Considerably Much More Resistant To Gnawing. This Can Then Be Covered With A Thick Layer Of Substrate, Good Quality Dust Extracted Shavings Are Fine , And This Is Mainly Due To The Fact That They Are Keen Burrowers!

A Wheel Is Appreciated And Helps To Keep The Animal In Tiptop Condition, And Prevents Boredom. Chinchilla Sand Baths Will Also Be Appreciated And Will Help Prevent The Coat From Becoming Too Greasy. This Can Be Either Introduced Once A Week Under Supervision Or Placed In Permanently But Well Out Of The Reach Of The Substrate, Otherwise It Would Soon Be Buried. Tissue Can Be Used For Bedding.

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