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Pr Papaya Jelly Pots 8 Pack


Ready To Use, High Protein Flavoured Jelly Ideal As A Treat For Reptiles Or As Food For Invertebrates. ProRep Jelly Pots Are Manufactured From A High Quality Vegetable Gel Which Is Then Fortified With Protein And Flavoured Using Fruit Extract Or Other Natural Flavours. They Can Be Used As A Food For A Wide Range Of Plant Or Fruit Eating Invertebrates And As A Treat For Herbivorous Lizards.

Directions: Remove The Film Lid Before Use. Always Position The Jelly Pot In The Enclosure So It Is Accessible To The Animals. Remove Uneaten Jelly After 48 Hours. Invertebrates: Place The Open Pot In The Enclosure. Crested Geckos, Day Geckos, Anoles, Etc: These Species Lick The Jelly Surface. Use The ProRep Jelly Pot Holder To Keep The Jelly Pots In The Correct Position, Especially With Arboreal Animals. Other Species: Remove The Jelly By Pressing On The Bottom Of The Pot. It Is Best To Feed The Jelly On A Dish To Prevent Contamination By The Substrate. Packed In A Clear Blister Pack Containing 8 Jellies.

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