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Exo Terra Bioactive volcanic substrate, 4 kg


Exo terra Bioactive Volcanic Substrate for Frogs Exo Terra Volcanic Bioactive Substrate is harvested from the mineral-rich slopes of the Aso volcano in Japan. The natural volcanic soil, formed from andesitic and rhyolitic tephra, is very rich in nutrients, ideal for lush plant growth in bioactive planted terrariums. The porous surface allows excellent drainage and aeration, favoring strong root growth. The friable, low-density structure of Exo Terra Volcanic Bioactive Volcanic Substrate promotes a thriving population of beneficial and nitrifying bacteria, creating a living, self-sustaining ecosystem in the terrarium. The active beneficial bacteria in the substrate will break down biological waste, keeping the terrarium clean and healthy. Ingredients: natural volcanic substrate (Andisol), activated carbon, live beneficial bacteria (Bacillus). CHARACTERISTICS OF THE EXO TERRA VOLCANIC BIOACTIVE VOLCANIC SUBSTRATE Bioactive natural substrate. With live beneficial bacteria. Keeps the terrarium clean and healthy. Eliminates ammonia and odors. High drainage capacity. Ideal for bioactive planted terrariums. 3 Ways to use EXO TERRA BIOACTIVE VOLCANIC VOLCANIC SUBSTRATE As a unique substrate As a drainage layer Mixed with other substrates As a substrate When using Exo Terra Volcanic Bioactive Substrate as a sole substrate, add a 2.5-5 cm thick layer to the terrarium. Live bacteria will be activated when the substrates come into contact with water or debris. Organic matter, such as food scraps and animal waste, will decompose over time. The absorbent properties of volcanic ash will eliminate odors by trapping decomposed materials. Rinse the Volcanic Bioactive Substrate and partially replace it every 12 months. As a drainage layer Add a top layer of biological substrate on top of the Exo Terra Volcanic Bioactive Volcanic Substrate layer for optimal bioactivity and drainage. Plants can be secured in the top layer (e.g. Exo Terra Plantation Soil) while their roots will thrive in the Volcanic Bioactive Substrate sub-layer, resulting in optimal growth. In addition, an inorganic layer for even better drainage (Exo Terra BioDrain) can be added to the bottom first, to allow excess water to flow through the substrate, preventing it from becoming saturated and anaerobic bacteria from crowding out the beneficial bacteria in the Volcanic Bioactive Substrate. Use the BioDrain mesh to separate the BioDrain drainage layer from the organic matter to prevent it from penetrating the underlying layer. Use a top layer of leaf litter to provide dry areas, shelter and living surfaces for all organisms in the terrarium, while preventing evaporation from the underlying layers. Mixing with other substrates The secret to growing healthy plants starts with the soil. Healthy, natural soil contains living microorganisms, from bacteria to fungi, protozoa and arthropods. Together they form a choreographed exchange from recycling nutrients to decomposing organic materials. By mixing Volcanic Bioactive Substrate with other organic substrates, it enriches any substrate with necessary minerals such as calcium, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. It also aids in water holding capacity and provides adequate air supply to the roots.

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