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TFH Publications Herp Care – Leopard Geckos


Complete Herp Care – Leopard Geckos
Paperback Book Beautifully Illustrated Detailing All Aspects of Keeping Leopard Geckos
This lovely book is a handy reference guide packed with sensible advice and guidance, covering topics such as correct housing, lighting and equipment for Leopard Geckos and their relatives the eyelid geckos.

Also covers breeding, feeding and health care and routine checks to carry out.

Has beautiful pictures on how to recognise different breeds with sections on other desirable lizards such as fat-tailed geckos, banded geckos and cat geckos.


128 Pages
Beautiful colour illustrations
Size: 16.5cm W x 20cm H
Author: Gerold Merker & Cindy Merker with Julie Bergman & Tom Mazorlig
Publisher: Interpet Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-7938-2883-8

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