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Barrons RKG. Milksnakes & tri-col. King


Tricolors are among the most brilliantly hued snakes that are suitable as pets. This guide identifies them along with milk snake varieties, and advises on their care. Volumes in the Reptile and Amphibian Keeper’s Guide series present basic information on reptiles and clear instructions on reptile care. Each book includes general information on the subject animal’s natural history, distribution in the wild, life expectancy, and physical characteristics. Practical information includes purchasing a good specimen, determining sex, providing correct caging and feeding, health care, and advice for those who want to try breeding. Despite their compact size, books in this series are packed with valuable information for hobbyists and are filled with illustrations of high quality. Each book has 50-to-75 full-color photos, line art, bibliography, and an index.

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