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Catit Pixi Fountain Pink


Product Description The Catit PIXI Fountain in Blue provides your cat with a continuous source of fresh, purified water 24/7. Running water encourages cats to drink more which not only increases overall health but also helps to prevent urinary tract diseases. This state-of-the-art blue drinking fountain not only looks adorable but has the technology to match. Featuring a three-stage filtration system which removes debris, reduces odours, and even softens tap water, the Catit PIXI Fountain is a great way to encourage your cat to stay healthy and hydrated. The nose on this Catit PIXI fountain provides some fantastic features like turning red when the water level is too low, and the LED nightlight guides cats to the fountain even in darkness. Hosting three different drinking options; calm flow, stream and bubbling top, this drinking fountain will appeal to even the fussiest of felines. Directions Check and clean the fountain once a month to ensure that the water stays as clean and fresh as possible. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not install or store the appliance where it will be exposed to temperatures below freezing. Shelter the appliance from direct sunlight. Always inplug the appliance before trying to dismantle and clean it. Ensure that the fountain has been placed on a flat, even surface. Monitor the fountain regularly.

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