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VL Stick Canaries Triple Variety 90g


Versele Laga Prestige Canary Triple Strick Treats 10 x 90g

Versele Laga Prestige Canary Triple Stick Treats features all three of the canary stick flavours, Honey, Exotic Fruit & Forest Fruit. All of which are oven baked seed mixtures enriched with a variety of materials including honey, elderberry, cranberry & rosehip.

Each stick has its own variable hanging clip &is wrapped in fresh pack, to help maintain the nutritional goodness & flavour of these treats.

Prestige Sticks Canaries Honey

Seeds, Cereals, Bakery products, Honey 2.4%, Sugars & Oils and fats

Prestige Sticks Canaries Exotic Fruit

Seeds, Cereals, Bakery products, Honey, Sugars, Fruit (pineapple, banana, orange, mango) 2.4%, Oils and fats, Prestige Sticks Canaries Forest Fruit, Seeds, Cereals, Honey, Sugars, Fruit (elderberry, cranberry, rose hip) 1.8%, Bakery products & Oils and fats

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