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Celestial Parrolet


They have personalities and needs very similar to those of the larger parrot species. They are active and intelligent little birds that enjoy to fly, play and forage. In the wild they tend to live in small flocks apart from during the breeding season when they pair off.

They are one of the quietest parrot species and so are generally suitable for apartment living. Although they are not normally loud, they can however make quite painfull high pitched calls when excited or alarmed. More often than not, they will be quiet or make cute peeping noises. Celestial parrotlets can sometimes learn to say a few words in a very cute, high pitched voice. The males are more likely to learn how to talk than females.

Please do be aware that parrotlets need proper care and attention to stay healthy and happy, they live up to 20 years old so can be a long term commitment. Unlike dogs, they have only been kept as pets for a few decades so do not have the advantage of thousands of generations of selective breeding for tameness. Therefore they require the ability to carry out their natural instincts in a home environment (ie, room to fly, toys to chew, foraging toys) and they will sometimes bite. However if you continue to bring up your baby parrotlet carefully, it should not bite often.

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