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1kg New Quail Seed


Quail Mix
Ingredients: white millet, canary seed, pinhead oatmeal, chick crumbs, red millet, jap millet, vegetable oil.

While these ground feeders will be happy to feed from seed mixes in mixed aviaries they will do much better and will thrive with a higher protein, species-specific feed. Ours has been developed using many smaller and softer seeds blended with pinhead oatmeal and high protein chick crumbs. Pinhead oats, from which the oatmeal is made by chopping or grinding into small pieces, are made by passing whole oat grains through steel cutters which chop each one into three or four pieces. Since they still contain the whole grain including the oat bran, pinhead oats are very nutritious.

This blend is good for all Quail including Chinese Painted, Japanese Coturnix, and the larger US varieties.

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