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Small Parakeet Arizona Bird Cage


Suitable for Budgies, Canaries, Cockatiels, Love Birds and Parakeets.

Rainforest Cages is the leading bird cage brand in the UK and is trusted by vets, zoos, the RSPB and other specialist bird organisations. Rainforest Cages are made with bird and animal safe paints, and are built to the highest standards to ensure a safe and suitable home for your pet.

The Rainforest Cages Fun Arizona is an open top bird cage designed for smaller birds like the Budgerigar or Cockatiel and is stylish, light and easy to carry. With a simple to use pull out tray and easy access food and water bowls and suitable for use along side the Columbia bird stand. An ideal cage for your birds to live and play, using the open top perch for a great landing platform when flying around the home!

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 67 x 46 x 35cm

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