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Angelfish Mixed


Scintific Name: Pterophyllum Sp
Common Name: Angelfish
Tank Size: 100-250L (Depending On Size)
Temperament: Peaceful, But Can Become Aggressive When Older
Diet:Omnivore Bloodworm And Flake Diet
Temperature Range: 23-28?C
Ph: 6.0 To 7.5
Adult Length: 6″ Or 15Cm
Avarage Life Span: 10 To 12 Years

Fish Min Group 2

Other Information

These Are Easy Fish As An Easy Care Level.
There Are Two Species Of Wild Angel, Scalare And Altum. Both Come From The Central Amazon Tribuaries In Peru And Eastern Ecuador. While Both Wild Varieties Are Sometimes Available, Most Angels Available Are Farm Bred Scalare. Over The Years Many Colours Have Been Bred.
Ideal Water Conditions Are Acidic To Neutral, Slightly Soft To Hard

Angelfish Generally Are Peaceful But As They Grow Large They May Eat Smaller Fish Such As Neon Tetra.

The Sexes Are Not Easy To Distinguish. The Best Way Is To Look At The Breeding Tubes That Extend From The Vent, In Males It Is Pointed And In Females It Is Round. It Is Best To Buy A Group Of Young Angels And Let Them Pair Off. With Adult Pairs It Is Best To Keep Them Apart From Other Angels As They Can Become Territorial. When In Condition The Female Will Lay Eggs On Large Leaves Or Slate Where The Male Will Fertilize Them. The Pair Will Fan The Eggs With Their Pectorial Fins. The Adults Will Often Eat The Eggs So Commercial Breeders Remove The Eggs At This Time And Use An Air Stone To Create The Movement Around The Eggs.

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