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Premium Tropiacl Flake 25g


Designed For: All Tropical Fish

Attributes: Vitamin Complex, High Protein, Improves Growth, Enhances Immune System

Best Before: 08 / 2023

Tasty And Nutritious, High Protein Flake Mix With Vitamins, Plankton, Algae And Lecithin For All Common Tropical And Ornamental Fish

Universal, Premium Flake Food With Multi-Vitamin And Mineral Complex For Most Species Of Fish
For Everyday Feeding Of Guppies, Bettas, Neons, Cichlids, Angelfish, Swordtails, Tetras, Mollies And Other Omnivorous Species
A Unique Composition Of 7 Different Flake Types Designed To Improve Growth, Colouration And Immune System
Lecithin Improves Digestion And High Vitamin C And E Content Enhance Resistance
Promotes Well-Being, Naturally Intense Colouring And Growth
Does Not Cloud Water
Diversified Formula Makes Herons Tropical Flakes Perfect For Multi-Species Tanks

Analysis Vitamins Ingredients
Crude Protein: 47% Vitamin A: 25 000 Lu/Kg Fish Meal
Crude Oils, Fat: 8% Vitamin D3: 2 500 Lu/Kg Wheat Flour
Crude Fibre: 2% Vitamin E: 300 Mg/Kg Vegetable Protein Concentrate
Crude Ash: 7% Vitamin C: 300 Mg/Kg Dried Yeast
Vitamin B2: 4.85 Mg/Kg Plankton
Vitamin B12: 5 Mg/Kg Algae
Vitamin K3: 7.5 Mg/Kg Oil And Fats
Calcium: 0.35% Lecithin
Phosphor: 0.4% Antioxidants And Colourants
Sodium: 0.3%
Manganese: 43 Mg/Kg
Zinc: 75 Mg/Kg

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