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Small Orandas/Fantails


Scintific Name: Carassius Auratus Auratus
Common Name: Oranda
Tank Size: 33 Gallons Or More
Temperament: Peaceful Fish
Diet: Omnivores
Temperature Range: 65-72?F
Ph: 5.0-8.0
Adult Length: 8-9 Inches
Avarage Life Span: Upto 15 Years

Orandas Are Sociable Fish And Should Be Kept In Groups, Either There Own Kind Or With Other Oranda Varities

The body of the Fantail Goldfish should be about three-fifths of its overall length and have an egg shape appearance. The only single fin on the fantail goldfish is the dorsal fin; all other fins are paired, including the caudal fin which is split down the middle with a forked appearance on each fin. Regardless of the fantail?s fin, all are sturdy and rounded at the end to resemble, what else, blades of a fan. This is most noticeable when viewing the caudal tail fin from directly above.

fantail goldfishFantail goldfish come in an array of colors from metallic self-colored (single color) to a variegated (multiple colors), including calico. The color of the variegated variety should extend into the fins and the calico variety should be mainly blue with patches of other colors. Colors of the fantail goldfish usual come in a few solids or a mix of orange, blue (silver), black, bronze and red. A good quality fantail will have a good balance of color on both sides of its body.

While the fantail goldfish is included in the fancy goldfish variety, and often bred for showing, they are a very hardy species and are an excellent choice for beginners or for your outdoor goldfish pond. With the right care, your fantails can live for more than ten to twenty years. At maturity, the fantail can be six to eight inches long.

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