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Wellbeloved Ferret Complete 10Kg


Ferret Complete has been specially developed for ferrets. These animals have a high energy requirement and a shorter digestive system than that of cats or dogs. This results in a relatively limited utilization of plant fibres, so ferrets can only make little use of the seed and soy components of many cat and dog foods. In contrast, the main source of protein in Ferret Complete is poultry, which supplies 36% protein.

Fat, the most important source of energy for ferrets, is a significant part of their diet. Ferret Complete has a high fat content of 19%, mainly from poultry fat and herring. The food contains ground full-fat linseed, which promotes a soft and glossy coat.

Ferret Complete isn’t just healthy and nutritious, ferrets love its taste too. Bathed in delicious chicken broth and formed into its popular star shape, ferrets find this food downright irresistible.

Rich in animal proteins and fat
Perfect for the ferret’s digestive system
Healthier than feeding them chicks or cat food – less faeces, less odour
Smaller, firmer poop
Unlike raw meat or chicks, it stays fresh in the bowl all day long
Irresistible flavour for ferrets in a cute star shape

James Wellbeloved avoids using many of the ingredients renowned for causing food intolerances. This means James Wellbeloved Ferret food does not contain beef, pork, wheat or wheat gluten, dairy products, eggs or soya.

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