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Amazon Milk Frog


Amazon Milk Frogs Are Medium Sized Tree Frogs, Males Grow To Around 7 Cm, Females 9cm.
They Require A Spacious Terrarium, A Large 2ft Tall Terrarium Would Be Ideal For A Group Of 3-4 Individuals. They Require A Humid Rainforest Set Up With Soil And Moss As A Substrate. The Terrarium Should Be Equipped With Logs, Branches And Plants (plastic Or Live).Plastic Plants Can Be Taken Away And Washed, Live Plants Help Provide Higher Humidity.

These Frogs Require A Temperature Of Around 25-27?C (75 ? 80F) And Drop To Around 20?C (70F) At Night. These Frogs Seem To Enjoy And Benefit From UVA 5.0 Or 6.0 Should Be Provided For Light. The Humidity Needs To Be High (70-80%) Which Is Achieved By Heavy Spraying In The Morning And Again At Night.

Water Should Be Changed Daily And You Shold Use A Declorinator.
Fed On Cricet, Locust, Flys And Mealworms Dust With Calcium And Minerals 2 Times A Week

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