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2 X Emerald Swift (Sold As A Pair)


Origin Central AmericaEnvironment WoodlandsAdult Size 15-20cmSuitability IntermediateLifespan Up to 10 years
The housing for Emerald Swifts is very similar to most terrestrial (ground dwelling) species, however, we would recommend giving them a little more height to allow them to climb. To house a sexed pair or trio (one male, two females), we recommend either a vivarium or glass terrarium of at least 36? in length and no lower than 18? high.
As this species is more of a ?display? animal rather than a species to handle, make the enclosure look as natural as possible; your Emerald Swifts will thrive! Place branches of different heights and thicknesses within the enclosure with hanging plants wrapped around them. Use artificial ferns, this will give it that woodland feel, maybe place an anthurium bush or two in the enclosure to give some colour. If you want to be even more adventures, why not set up a bio-active enclosure; have live plants throughout the enclosure.
The use of a soil or orchid bark substrate will suit this species along with providing a humidity box or a gecko cave to help with the shedding of their skin. Place further retreats in the form of artificial caves and the use of cork bark.
Heating and lighting are important as for all diurnal (day dwelling) species. UVB lighting is one of the most important factors for the growth and health of the animals within your care. There are a number of ways that you can provide this; UVB strip lights, mercury bulbs or compact UVB bulbs if using a glass terrarium. Personally, we find the mercury bulbs are one of the best products for producing UVB, they also have a guaranteed life span with the manufacturer. They are available in a number of wattages; however, these can NOT be connected to a thermostat so you must find the correct wattage for your enclosure without over-heating it. UVB strip lights come in different lengths and percentages, we would recommend 5%.

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