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Leaf Insect


This species of leaf insect is bright green in color and has a body shaped like a leaf. This means it is really flat and broad and has brown spots at the rims of the body. The abdomen shows veins like leaves have and the legs are equipped with lobes. They are often bright green like a young leaf, but occasionally there are brown, yellow or pinkish variants of this species to be found.
The difference between males and female is huge once they are adult. The females are larger, thicker and wider than the males. The males are really small and slender. Adult females have broad wings what lay flat on their back, but they lack underwings that are necessary for flight. The males also have very long antennae. When the leaf insects are still nymphs you can already see the difference in body size and shape between males and females.
The female will reach a size of about 7 cm and the male of about 6 cm.

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