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Albino Cory


Easy care level.
Maximum size 7cm
Albino Corydoras originate from the coastal rivers of Brazil and Uruguay.
Ideal water conditions are slightly acidic to slightly alkaline, slightly soft to slightly hard. Albino Cory are farm bred and will adapt to most water parameters.
A peaceful shoaling species, all cory species will shoal with each other.
Corydoras can be bred as a pair, a trio (2 males,1 female) or as a group. Feed fry on newly hatched brine shrimp. When viewing from above the female is broader from behind the pectoral fins and also when extended the ventral fins of the male are more pointed.. Spawning is often brought on by a slight lowering of water temperature.
Tropical bottom feeding pellets or algea wafers. This is a peaceful fish and great for any beginner.

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