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Fishbox LED 13 Litre Blue


The interpet FishBox LED is the great smaller aquarium either as a ster aquarium for your home or a first aquarium for the kids. Easy to install and maintin it has an ultra bright LED making sure that you fish plants look great at any time day or night.

Ideal as a coldwater or tropical aquarium (with addition of a aquarium heater)
Easy use, effective cartridge filter
Curved glass for a panoramic view
LED Lighting for daytime viewing and plant growth

CF Mini Filtration

Easy clean, effective internal cartridge filter for a clear, clean, healthy aquarium.

High surface area bio cartridge acts as a mini sewage treatment works, removing toxic fish waste
Replaceable cartridge includes: fine floss to trap fine waste, carbon to remove dissolved dyes and organics, leaving crystal clear water.
UNIQUE Algaway spheres prevents unsightly algae
Clear, hinged lid

Flow rate: 130l/hr (28.5 gal/hr) 3.5 Watts

LED Lighting

High Light output LED lamps (4 x 0.2w) which are designed to give out sufficient light of the right spectrum to:

? Bring out the best in the colours of your plants and fish
? Supply essential light energy for photosynthesis to sustain good plant growth

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