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Safety is vital when operating electrical items in close proximity to water.
All aquariums need electrical power to operate their lighting and filtration
systems and most use mains electricity at 240 or 120 volts. This can cause
serious electric shock should the fishkeeper drop or drench the electrical
items in the aquarium water. The Reef One range of aquariums is designed to
be extremely safe and therefore all its electrical items at the safe low
level of 12 volts ac. To protect the fishkeeper and children from electric
shock Reef One aquariums use a plug top AC transformer that plugs into your
electrical mains socket and steps down the mains voltage to a much safer 12
volts ac. The 12 volts is made avialble in the bottom of the ac transformer
through two din sockets. Either socket can be used for the halogen light wire
plug or the air pump wire plug a both sockets are interchangeable. The LED
light if used in place of the halogen light, can be plugged into either socket.
Special note: The ac transformer is capable of handling a maximum of 20 watts
power and incorporates a non replaceable safety fuse that will blow, permanently
damaging the ac transformer, if a halogen bulb of gretaer than 20 watts is used
to replace the 10 watt bulb supplied with the light.

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